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2020 - 2020

Sales and Marketing Intern


Vejen, Denmark

As part of my studies I took part in a 3-month full time internship at the Danish software-company MarketingPlatform. I have been given an Insight and have had to adapt to a new industry, with a completely new product portfolio.

2018 - 2020

Product Marketing - Student help

GN Audio HQ

Ballerup, Denmark

Since October 2018 I have been a part of the Jabra Product Marketing team. This job has given me a unique insight to the global market. In my line of work, I have had a variety of tasks, mainly crafting competitive overviews and competitive presentations. Crafting sales presentation including product specifications and sales specifics. In my time at Product Marketing, I also helped produce guidelines for new products, such as the PanaCast, for our sales team.

2018 - 2018

Finance UK&I, Student Help

GN Audio HQ

Ballerup, Denmark

For a few months I worked alongside the Financial Director of UK&I implementing the new CPQ system in the Nordic region.        With this project I have been given trust and responsibility to Implement the system.

In our effort to implement this new system in the best way possible, I have had to build up a new database, where I have been using Microsoft flow to gather the information.

2018 - 2018

Logistics and Operation

- Student Help

GN Audio HQ

Ballerup, Denmark

The summer of 2018 I worked as a student helper in the Logistics and Operation department at HQ Denmark. This job gave me an insight in a different part of the company and at the same time strengthened

my skills in the program Microsoft Dynamics AX.

2017 - 2018

Global Accounts - Student Help

GN Audio HQ

Ballerup, Denmark

I worked as a student helper in the Global Accounts Services team. Some of the tasks that I worked with, was updating and taking care of different price requests and managing a database with the price request for major costumers. In my line of work, I have expanded my knowledge and know how, in Microsoft excel and Microsoft dynamics CRM. I have also done numerous number of projects, of which I can mention, gathering and implanting data to a new Marketing based project (Jabra One Zone)

2015 - 2016

Financial intern

GN Audio, UK&I

London, United Kingdom

After Graduating High School, I took a year abroad working as a Financial Intern for Jabra UK in London. I have had a variety of roles,

mainly in Finance but also helping in Marketing and Sales in both B2B

team and Consumer team.

2012 - 2015

Global Operation, Student Help

GN Audio HQ

Ballerup, Denmark

While attending High School I was a part of the Global Operations team at Jabra.  During this time, I was able to learn a whole lot while gaining more and more responsibility, which ultimately gave me the opportunity to take a job abroad.

Voluntary Work

2019 - present

Ice hockey Coach

Since May 2019 I have, while studying and working for Jabra, also been coaching a youth ice hockey team. This requires a lot of preparations in regard to planning of sessions and overall goals for the season. Moreover, it has given me an opportunity to share my own knowledge and know-how, how to lead and how to motivate. Furthermore, it brings me joy to help and see the prospects grow and develop.


2018 - 2021

Copenhagen Business Academy


I’m Currently studying International sales and marketing at Copenhagen Business Academy


2016 - 2018

University of Copenhagen



I have been studying Economics at the University of Copenhagen. 

The courses we have been dealing with have been, Economic principles and theory, Social studies, Macro and Microeconomics, Mathematics and Business economics.

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Go-to-Market Planning

Teamwork & Collaboration

Digital Analytics

Experienced user of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft flow

Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Danish (native)

English (Fluent)

German (Intermediate)

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